heliumTALK - das Kunstgespräch

heliumTALK - das Kunstgespräch

For „heliumTALK – Das Kunstgespräch“ Jörg Heikhaus meets with interesting people from the art world at the heliumcowboy gallery in Hamburg. Conversations are English or German.

#58 [english]: Sculptor Laurence Vallières builds giant artworks from cardboard

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Über diesen Podcast

„heliumTALK- das Kunstgespräch“ is a podcast by Jörg Heikhaus, founder of the heliumcowboy artspace gallery in Hamburg and artist under the name of Alex Diamond. Jörg meets with people who make, produce, organize, promote, curate, collect or support art – or have an interesting story to tell that relates to it. It is always a conversation, never an interview or PR chat. These talks are mostly held in the recording studio at the gallery, but are sometimes recorded remotely with international guests that don’t come into town too often.

Depending on the guests, “heliumTALK” is held either in English or in German language.

“heliumTALK” was originally started as a talk show for television, hosted by Jörg Heikhaus & Jannes Vahl and recorded live at the heliumcowboy gallery by TIDE TV. In February 2018 Jörg launched this audio podcast as main broadcasting format.

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